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M25 Gas Sevices Ltd offer a bespoke gas hob fitting service in London.

Gas hobs are the most popular choice for the kitchen as they get to full temperature almost instantly. Gas hobs are easily controllable and cheaper to run than electric hobs. It is a legal requirement to have a newly fitted gas hobs tested and commisioned by a Gas Safe registered installer. Problems can arise from poorly fitted gas appliances such as gas leaks and carbon monoxide leakage, both of which can be fatal.


Gas hobs must be fitted in accordance with the gas hob manufacturer’s installation instructions, or if the installation manual is not available or the appliance manufacturer is no longer in existence or any specific requirements cannot be identified, it is acceptable for Gas Safe registered engineers to install the appliance in accordance with the installation methods described in the current British Standard - BS 6172  Installation and maintenance of domestic gas cooking appliances (2nd and 3rdfamily gases). A local isolation valve will need to be fitted if not already there and pipe-work should be fixed copper and not rubber flexible bayonet cooker hose.


That there is a live gas supply within 1 metre of the required location within the same room.